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Winter Getaway to Central Frontenac

Winter is one of those seasons that you really have to work at to enjoy.  In our region of Ontario, we’ve had our share of temperatures so cold that even the most acclimatized cold weather enthusiast is deterred.

As we do when cooped up inside, I was on Instagram following along with photographer friend, Evelyn Barkey, and her winter adventures at a cabin in the woods.  First, my thoughts were that I wish I could do that!  Before I knew…

Water and Why It Matters

As I write this I can hear the pitter-patter of raindrops that come down in loud bursts before petering off again….

Why of the woods?

When I began blogging at the onset of 2016, I hardly knew what I was doing beyond responding to a strong…

Foraged (October)

There exists a quality in the air when in September the leaves begin to turn and fall to the ground. Usually…